About Us

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Poole Sailability is a registered charity that is entirely managed and operated by volunteers. We were granted Registered Charity Status in 2009 (No. 1166542), and are now led by a committee of Trustees who are elected annually. The charity is supported by members’ fundraising, donations and grants. Anyone with a disability may apply to join and we are actively seeking volunteers to assist with our sailing sessions.

Our mission statement is to ensure “disability is not a barrier to experiencing the joy of sailing”, and to that end we strive to make each session as enjoyable as possible. Participants are encouraged to take an active part in the sailing of the boats, and informal training is offered for those who are inexperienced. Each year, members are invited to make a small voluntary membership contribution towards the running of the club.
In the winter months volunteers help maintain our boats and there are often informative theory sessions when you can learn about seamanship and sailing techniques.

We like to think we are a friendly, welcoming group and run a winter programme of social and fund raising events where all members and their friends and families are welcome to come and get to know us better.

As an accredited Royal Yachting Association Foundation site we maintain stringent standards of safety for our boats and equipment, and ensure that all our skippers are suitably experienced.
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